Back in 2014 an article, Things Real-Estate Agents Won’t Tell You, was published in The Wall Street Journal and I found it to be more educational than critical about real estate agents.  

In this series of blog posts, I’m going to address each supposition from the article.

(1) “I’m using your house to sell myself”  

The Wall Street Journal article focused on how the improvement in the housing market has helped agents earn more money and warned that some agents only see dollar signs when they look at clients. 

I work hard for my clients and enjoy helping them ‘succeed’ whether that be buying or selling at the best price possible.  I am confident that if I do the work, my commission will show up at the end of the day (more likely at the end of 60 days but you get my point).  I don’t tempt fate by calculating my commission, because right up until closing, real estate deals can fall through and I prefer to focus on helping my clients NOT on my potential income.

I will say this first premise is correct in a way the article did not address.  I tell my seller’s that Open Houses are more likely to find me new buyer clients and less likely to find a buyer for their home. Statistics prove that very few buyers find the home of their dreams at an Open House. While I do hold Open Houses to generate interest in my listings, I don’t consider it the best way to market a home. 

I also put my sign in the yard of a home I list for sale.  This yard sign gives me some visibility and can potentially help me sell myself!  Ideally though it will help the perfect buyer see that your home is for sale!

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