Considering A New Career in Real Estate?

If you have wondered about a career in Real Estate, we would like to visit with you.   We will give you the facts, dispel some myths about real estate and answer any questions.  If you want to get your license, we will provide you with information, options and resources that will help you get started. 

Licensed but Considering a Change in Sponsorship?

Whether you are just looking for a change, feeling sidelined at a big office, not achieving the success you want, or desiring more guidance and support, we would love to meet with you.   At TechTown Realty, we provide unparalleled support and guidance for our agents.  Because every agent is different, we subscribe to the “all the support you need and all the independence you want” philosophy

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Broker or Brokerage!

  • Does the brokerage have a local office where you can work and meet with your clients?
  • Does the Broker live in your city or market area, exhibit the necessary understanding of Lubbock’s real estate market and culture?
  • Given the need, could you or your client schedule a face to face meeting with your Broker in a timely manner?
  • Does your Broker offer training, office meetings and networking opportunities?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, we suggest you make a change.

At TechTown Realty the answer is always YES.

Why are these questions important?  Because REALTORS are in fact ‘AGENTS” of their Broker. Real estate agents cannot practice real estate unless they are sponsored by a Broker and they act on behalf of and for their Broker in all matters relating to real estate transaction.  So, when you select a Brokerage, you will rely on and represent your Broker.  You as the agent and your Broker represent equally important and indispensable components of a successful real estate career.  While many experienced real estate agents are honest, skilled and need little supervision, some are not.  Without an engaged, available and onsite local Broker you have no safety net when problems occur; and unfortunately, they often do.

Call, text, or email Chad to schedule a time for a discreet, ‘no pressure, no obligation’ meeting.