For most of us downsizing is based on finances, health, being nearer extended family, or a desired change of lifestyle.   You may want to sell your big home and buy smaller to save money on taxes, water and electric bills and to reclaim the time you’ve spent doing yard work.

 For most of us, options for a smaller home with less maintenance include traditional homes, garden homes, condominiums, and townhouses. 

 Garden homes are a very popular choice. A garden home occupies most of the lot and often features landscaped patios with very small or no yard.   

 Traditional homes with a small or low maintenance yard can be a more affordable choice.  Lubbock’s Multiple Listing Service does not allow us to screen for yard size or type so research and legwork will be necessary.  Your REALTOR can preview homes for sale to find the best options for you.  If you find a great home that still has more upkeep than you desire, you could plan modifications outside such as xeriscaping with river rock, decomposed granite, mulch, and drought hardy plants and some homeowners are investing in artificial turf.

 Condominiums are often two-story structures and may be similar to apartments, sharing common walls with neighbors. They can be more affordable than garden homes and offer a variety of amenities such as swimming pools.  Most condos provide assigned covered parking rather than a garage.

 Townhouses in Lubbock are often single story and may be similar to a duplex in structure, sharing one common wall.  These homes usually have an attached garage, a small yard, and a private courtyard or patio.   

When you decide to downsize, look before you leap.  Decide which furniture and possessions you can dispose of so you and your things will fit into your new smaller abode.   Taking the time to figure out how much smaller you can go will save time and streamline your house hunt.  We downsized in 2011 and didn’t plan well and for several years paid for a storage building for some ‘treasures’, I couldn’t stand to part with!