3 Questions to ask when picking your next real estate agent!

  1. Who is their Broker, and do they actually work in the agent’s office?
  2. Does their Broker even live in your market area and has the agent ever physically met their Broker? (A strange question? Not really. Look for our up-coming piece about “Ghost Brokers”)
  3. Given the need, could a face to face with their Broker be facilitated quickly? 

If the answer to any of these questions in NO, we suggest you look elsewhere. At TechTown Realty the answer is always YES. 

Why are these questions important? Because, real estate agents are in fact ‘AGENTS” of their Broker. Real estate agents cannot practice real estate unless they are sponsored by a Broker and they act on behalf of and for their Broker as a proxy in all matters relating to your real estate transaction.  So, when you hire a real estate agent, you have in fact hired their Broker, with the agent as your point of contact with that brokerage. 

Both the agent and the Broker represent equally important and indispensable components of a successful real estate transaction and while some experienced real estate agents are extremely skilled and need little supervision, many are not.  Without an engaged, available and onsite local Broker the client has no safety net and the agent has no resource when problems occur; and they very often do. 

Everybody’s Somebody at TechTown!