If you are moving to Lubbock and want to live near Texas Tech University.  

If your current Lubbock home has a serious ‘charm’ deficit.  

If your child who is now quite grown up is a TTU student who wants OUT of the dorm.

If you are ready to move out of your ‘cookie cutter’ neighborhood.  

If you would like a neighborhood where people walk in the evenings, where you can hear doves coo.

Okay, maybe the dove cooing part is a bit much but if you can identify with any of the above statements, Tech Terrace is where you need to find your next home. We lived in Tech Terrace for 5 years and loved it.  Before and after our time as Tech Terrace residents I have been a huge fan of the area.  I love the tree-lined streets, diverse architecture, friendly people, and the slower pace.

 So you want to buy a Tech Terrace home? Your best bet to get a Tech Terrace home is to put me to work for you. Like all areas, the best homes at the best prices tend to sell fast! To be among the first to hear about new Tech Terrace listings, I can set you up on our free 24/7 Home Search Portal or the very cool and colorful NEST Me system!

If you want a quick look at photos of homes in the area, I will send them to you via email.  Whether you want a BIG home or COZY home, let’s go see what Tech Terrace properties are available now and I’ll keep an eye on what is ‘coming soon’.

I am an experienced Lubbock Realtor, and I love Tech Terrace but I work with clients buying and selling homes anywhere in Lubbock and in communities nearby.   CALL, TEXT or EMAIL if you’d like to get started on your home buying journey – I look forward to being your guide!